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Allow us to describe a very common situation. You have lived in your home for a while and occasionally mop your tile and grout floor to keep it clean and tidy. You're noticing that your normal mopping method just isn't cutting it and so you add a little more clean solution and you've once again reclaimed the clean status of your tile and grout floor. A few weeks goes by and you notice your tile and grout floor looks dirty again and you begin mopping it but your even stronger cleaning solution isn't working so you let out a heavy sigh and decide to use the heavy duty approach. There you are with a bucket of your trusty cleaning solution and brush and after an hour or so of light scrubbing you've once again reclaimed the clean status of your tile and grout floor. Finally, another couple of weeks go by and the floor is once again dirty looking and you shuffle your feet to gather your cleaning supplies. This time you really had to scrub the floor and it took twice as long, your back and your knees are sore and you just can't fathom having to do that again.



Why Is This Happening You Ask?

The answer is rather simple. Many of the store bought tile and grout cleaning solutions you can purchase can leave a residue behind. As you're mopping the floor this residue begins to build up and eventually attracts soil quickly which requires more frequent cleanings. In order to break up the old residue you have to use more of your cleaning solution to get satisfactory results. The same thing happens when you have to scrub floor and you're eventually left tired, sore, and possibly aggravated. Trust us we get it - keeping your tile and grout floor clean is hard work. We've developed and tile and grout cleaning process that keeps your tile and grout cleaner longer and we're able to get more than satisfactory results.

Our Tile & Grout Cleaning Process

Our tile and grout cleaning system features a self contained tile and grout cleaning tool, that gives us the benefits of a pressure washer without the mess. Our tile and grout cleaning tool power washes the floor to extract soil and grease from the pores of the tile and grout or other hard surface floors. The system generates water pressure that we can adjust from 400 - 1500 PSI depending on the needs of your tile floor.  Our powerful system generates water temperature of approximately 210-230 degrees to loosen and extract years of soil and contaminants. Our tile & grout floor tool connects to a powerful vacuum hose, which adheres the tile and grout cleaning tool to the floor, and confines the water spray inside the disk. There is virtually no over spray to worry about - like we said no mess. The vacuum hose draws away the water, along with the dirt, to a containment tank on our truck. We can restore you tile and grout to approximately 80-90% of its original luster. Some stains, (red wines, koolaid, dyes ect) will not entirely come out if they have dyed the grout lines. If your tile and grout was sealed during installation there is a much greater chance that these issues may not have effected the tile and grout floor. The combination of heat, water pressure, and detergent will remove most staining.


It is a wise choice to have your tile and grout sealed after it has been cleaned. If you have ceramic tile we will only be sealing the grout lines. The penetrating sealer is absorbed by the grout line and greats a barrier that helps liquids, oils, and other soils to stay on the surface to be easily cleaned away. If you have a natural stone such as slate, limestone, and travertine we seal the actual tile face itself as well as any grout lines. Natural stones are extremely absorbent and absolutely need a layer of protection to keep them looking as beautiful as the day they were installed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked questions about tile and grout cleaning & sealing.

Q: Can’t I do it myself? Why should I pay you?
A: We have the education, training and tools to properly clean tile and grout, and apply the sealers we carry. There are many store bought sealers that leave sticky residues that may get on the tile face and they are difficult if not impossible to remove. When we apply our sealers we ensure the entire floor is protected, and the product is distributed evenly for maximum protection and efficiency.

Q: What do sealers actually protect against?
A: A penetrating sealer repels water-based and oil-based liquids, prevents stains caused by most beverages and food; and protects the surface from dirt and impurities.

Q: Should I apply wax to my tile and grout?

A: We highly recommend you DO NOT do this. Wax will break down and eventually go away. While it breaks down it can flake, and discolor your tile and grout or stone, and can/will also impact the oils and soils that develop over time. Removing the wax from the floor is an expensive process, and usually a multiple day process depending on how big of an area.

Q: After my tile and grout is sealed does it need to be cleaned again?
A: Yes, absolutely! We will provide you with tips on how to keep your floor looking beautiful in between professional cleanings. We will also help and advise your to determine your frequency of having your tile and grout professionally cleaned.

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